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Experience the Shooting Sports!

2017 NYS4-HSS Calendar


ALL current New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors are REQUIRED to update their Instructor Training to the NEW National 4-H Shooting Sports and New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Guidelines.
Instructors Have Two (2) Options

  1. Attend one (1) of the 14-hour programs to be offered this year in person (you may participate in a new discipline at that time); or
  2. Participate in a shorter in-person or web based online retraining that is currently offered as needed (expected to be about 2-3 hours of online training).  New manuals for the first two programs you primarily teach in will be provided at either the in-person training or mailed to your county office.

All instructors who have NOT taught in the last two (2) years OR who are NOT currently an approved member of their County 4-H Program have been REMOVED from the New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor list and their information has been placed in the inactive file. 
Inactive Instructors seeking to regain active status MUST re-establish themselves as an enrolled qualified 4-H Program Volunteer and complete the full New York State Training in order to become an active New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your County 4-H Educator MUST sign each Registration Form for any applicant in order for the applicant to gain admission into New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Training.  Registration Forms without the appropriate Educator’s signature will be turned away.


January 28 - The 30th Annual Workshop for Sportsman Educators presented by New York State 4-H Shooting Sports.  Location: Saratoga County Cooperative Extension Education Center, 50 West High St., Ballston Spa, NY. Please contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County at 518-885-8995 or Marilyn Preissler at: mkp2@cornell.edu for more information or to Pre-Register. This program is intended for Sportsman Education (Hunter or Bowhunter Education Instructors) which may include 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors.

February 24-26 - Northeast U.S. Winter Instructor Workshop. Location: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County Education & 4-H Training Center, Middleline Rd, Ballston Spa, NY. Disciplines include: Archery, Air Pistol, Coordinator, Hunting/Wildlife, Living History, Muzzleloading, Rifle, and Shotgun. Contact: Marilyn Preissler at: mkp2@cornell.edu regarding payment and lodging questions or John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu for all other questions.

April 22 - The 18th Annual New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Banquet & Auction. Location: Fort William Henry Hotel & Resort, Lake George, NY. Please Visit our Banquet & Auction Pages!

June 2-4 - Spring Instructor Workshop. Location: Wyoming County, NY. Disciplines typically offered include: Archery, Rifle, Air Pistol (Shotgun & Coordinator) as needed. Contact John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu for more information.

August 24-September 4 - 4-H Shooting Sports at the Great New York State Fair. Location: Youth Building, New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY.  NYS 4-H Shooting Sports is seeking volunteer youth and adult leaders to assist in educating the public about 4-H Shooting Sports and Natural Resources at the Fair. Youth participants must register through their County Educator. Adult Volunteer Instructors contact John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu for more information.

September 9 or November 17 - National Rifle Association Grants Due for Upper New York State and Lower New York State, respectively. Please visit the NRA Foundation Grant Program Page for more information on these grants.

September 8-10 - New York 4-H Invitational State Shoot. Location: Wyoming County - Camp Wyomoco, Varysburg, NY and the Wyoming Valley Rod & Gun Club, Java, NY.  This event is ONLY open to currently enrolled 4-H members to participate in events related to Archery, Air Pistol, Air Rifle, Muzzleloading and Shotgun.  For more information on this event please contact: Tanya Nickerson at tkn6@cornell.edu or 585-786-2251.

September 23 - Youth Shooting Sports Alliance Grants Due.  Please visit their website at: youthshootingsa.com

September 30 - Proposals & Applications to Host the 2017 New York State Shoot are Due to John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu

October 15 - Annual 4-H Shooting Sports Youth and Instructor Numbers for the New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Program are Due to John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu

November 15 - Applications for the 2017 NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador Program are Due to John Bowe at: jfb32@cornell.edu


The 4-H Name and Emblem are a Federal Mark and are protected under 18 USC 707 and subject to regulations that prohibit the 4-H Name and Emblem to be used in any way that implies endorsement or exclusivity of any firm, product or service.  The inclusion of entities, websites or other sources cited on the New York State 4-H Shooting Sports website, or New York State 4-H Shooting Sports affiliated online or media outlets, is representative of a cooperative partnership with 4-H and does not imply endorsement or exclusivity.