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Annual NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Banquet & Auction Page


Thank You for Your Support!

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports wishes to extend their sincere appreciation to all who attended and contributed to our 2016 Banquet & Auction Event at the Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center in Lake George on April 23rd.  Thank you for your generosity and support in making our most important fundraiser of the year an outstanding success!             

Click Below for Photos of Past Annual NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Banquet & Auction Events!

2016 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2015 NYS4HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2014 NYS4-HSS
2013 NYS4-HSS Banquet &Auction Event
2012 NYS4-HSS Banquet &Auction Event
2011 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2010 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2009 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2008 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event
2007 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction Event

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