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2020 Artist of the Year
Ashlee Woodcock

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports is proud to recognize Ashlee Woodcock as their 2020 Artist of the Year!

by Ashlee Woodcock

Ashlee Woodcock is a native of Ballston Spa, New York where she graduated from Ballston Spa High School and then went on to attend Hudson Valley Community College.  Ashlee started drawing cartoons from her favorite movies and television shows at the age of seven.  While growing up, art was not her biggest activity.  She was also into sports such as dance, cheerleading, gymnastics and lacrosse.  In high school, lacrosse was a large part of Ashlee’s life both in being on the team and in taking additional outside school training in the sport.  Her hard work and dedication lead to Ashley being named the Most Valuable Player of the Ballston Spa Lacrosse Team. 

Ashlee enjoys activities such as hiking, walking her dogs, running outside in nice weather, going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Her art has always been a good portion of her life.  She enjoys drawing most when she has a clear mind and good focus.  During the past year, interest and awareness in Ashlee’s art has picked up greatly in her hometown and nearby areas.  She is excited to see where her unique talent takes her in life and how many more lives it will touch with joy and fulfillment.

Setting Up Cans - original watercolor by David T. Mayack


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