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2013 Artist of the Year
Gene Matras


Gene Matras

We are proud to honor Gene Matras as our 2013 New York State 4-H Shootings Sports Artist of the Year.

Gene Matras has been drawing since early childhood and has pursued an art career for 35 years.  Inspired by natural scenes, wildlife, farms and a variety of other rural subjects, he does not have enough time to put it all on paper.  Living in rural New Hampshire, he is surrounded by subject matter which seems endless.  Gene has acquired much recognition, praise and awards throughout New England.  His drawings hang in collections in the US and in many other countries. 

Matras prints are produced from his original drawings by an offset lithography process and are limited editions signed and numbered by the artist.  To learn more about Gene Matras and his exceptional pen & ink drawings please visit his website at http://www.genematras.com.

Several of Gene’s fine Pen & Ink prints, such as the Two Loons (#490/2000), shown below, were sold at auction at our April 20, 2013 event.


Two Loons



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