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2008 Artist of the Year
Cody Short

Cody Short, a wildlife and outdoor photographer and an artist renowned for his ability to capture and convey the beauty and wonderment of nature, was honored as a 2008 Artist of the Year at the Ninth Annual New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Banquet & Auction at the Roaring Brook Ranch Resort & Conference Center in Lake George, NY.

Cody donated a 26” x 38” piece called “Bachelor Group” to New York State 4-H Shooting Sports - an image of three gobblers strutting to find a mate.  Shots like this inspired Cody to create his own turkey calls fashioned out of PA hardwoods.  He has also handcrafted a selection of amazing box calls and slate calls, several of which Cody also graciously donated to the 2008 NYS4-HSS event.  Cody, accompanied by his wife Leanne, attended the event and were on hand to talk with attendees and answer questions about his artwork. 

Currently residing in Milton, PA, Cody grew up in northern Lycoming County, P.A.  He was born with a love for nature, and the photographer in him grew in his teenage years.  He has learned that with patience, trial and error he can hone his craft and create breathtaking pictures for the sheer enjoyment of others.

Taking his position behind a blind, bolder, or stump well before dawn “the animals slowly stir and move out of the forest searching for food to start their day” said Cody. “That’s when I shoot them, with a camera, of course!”

Cody focuses his photography on deer, elk, turkey, fox, coyote and birds of prey. He also loves to shoot sunrises, sunsets, stream scapes and waterfalls.

The paradise we live in lends itself perfectly to what I love to do.
Being in the right place at the right time helps a little, too.  – Cody Short











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