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Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internships

Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internships
(Left to Right) John Pokrzywka, Kaityn Anderson and Laurel Gailor

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internship Program offers college students the opportunity to work directly on projects with local CCE offices throughout New York State in a variety of program areas within the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.  Many of these internships involve working with important Natural Resource related issues with broad ranging environmental implications.

This summer, CCE Saratoga took part in the CCE Invasive Species Statewide Outreach Internship Program by providing the opportunity for two students, Kaitlyn Anderson and John Pokrzywka, to work under the local direction of CCE Educator and Capital/Mohawk PRISM Specialist, Laurel Gailor.  Kaitlyn Anderson, CCE Saratoga’s Agricultural Invasive Species Intern, is from the Manorville area of Long Island, NY, and will be heading back to Cornell University for her senior year as an Agricultural Science major after completing her work with Saratoga County.  Kaitlyn has written an informative blog highlighting many aspects of her experience with CCE..  John Pokrzywka, CCE Saratoga’s Forestry Invasive Species Intern, is from Galway, NY in Saratoga County, and has been an active part of NYS 4-H Shooting Sports for many years starting with his involvement as a Saratoga County 4-H Shooting Sports member to his current role as a NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Volunteer and Instructor.  John is majoring in Forestry and will be a senior this fall at Paul Smith College.  

Kaitlyn’s and John’s internships included detailed study and ongoing participation in a variety of project levels designed to support New York State PRISMS (Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management) as well as the work of the New York State Invasive Species Outreach program.  Both Kaitlyn and John greatly enjoyed their CCE internships, gaining invaluable knowledge through firsthand experience in a summer well spent.  We wish them the very best with their future endeavors!


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