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4-H Shooting Sports at New York Fairs

Summertime is fair time!  4-H Shooting Sports programs are sharing their skills, experiences and knowledge at county fairs across New York State.  Here are some photo highlights from the 2012 Saratoga County Fair which took place in July in Ballston Spa, NY.

Shannon Doin
Shooting Sports 4-H’er Shannon Doin demonstrates
proper shooting stance, under the guidance of her
instructor, in the Archery Education Range

 Paul Sylvane
4-H Shooting Sports Junior Leader, Paul Sylvane, oversees the activity
in the Laser Shot Booth

Tony Eastwood
NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Key Instructor, Tony Eastwood, demonstrates
proper archery technique to a fairgoer in the Archery Education Range

Charlene & Jack Mazur
NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Living History Instructors, Charlene & Jack Mazur,
prepare to greet visitors in Conservation Village

he Chuck Wagon Gang
Congratulations! to our very own Chuck Wagon Gang who received the 2012
Grand Champion Outdoor Exhibit Award in the Conservation Department. 
NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Key Instructor/Saratoga County Fair Conservation
Ad Hoc, Russ Lehr, (left) along with Saratoga County Fair Conservation
Ad Hoc, Paul Sinicki, (right) present the award to NYS 4-H Shooting Sports
Instructor, Dave Felano, (aka Head Wagoneer) & Friends

Rob Gizzi
Volunteer Rob Gizzi helps out 4-H Shooting Sports by sharing knowledge and
skills with a fairgoer in the 4-H Shooting Sports Range.  Many thanks to all the
dedicated and hard working 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors, Volunteers and
4-H'ers who bring the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Program to life at the fairs!  

Be sure to visit and support the 4-H Shooting Sports exhibits and demonstrations at your local county fairs and also at the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports area located in the 4-H Building at the Great New York State Fair which runs from August 23 through September 3, 2012.

Photos courtesy of Bill Schwerd and Dave Felano


What's NYS 4-H Shooting Sports 2012 Artist of the Year,
Brian Ruth,  been working on this summer?

Here's a little hint or two from Brian's outstanding carving work at the 2012 Saratoga County Fair...

Brian Ruth

Brian Ruth

Stay tuned to NYS4Hshootingsports.org for further details on these two new Brian Ruth carvings that just might show up at the 2013 NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Banquet & Auction!




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