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New York State 4-H Shooting Sports

2009 Archives


NYS 4-H SS "Operation Piggy" Successfully Completed!!

One of the many highlight items of the 2009 4-H Shooting Sports Auction was "The Pig."

We are happy to report  that "Operation Piggy" has been successfully completed and "The Pig", complete with its own "Companion Pig" is now in its new and happy home. Many thanks to Willow Ridge Farms and CCE "County Agent" Richard Smith for making this happen, Rich Johnson for his delivery assistance and to our pig loving winning bidders, the Chandler family of Greenfield, NY...>photos!!


New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Participates
At The 2009 SHOTShow
Photos from the SHOTShow



 The Workshop for Sportsman Educators
The New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Presents
Making a Difference in Difficult Times
...> Photos of the event!!


NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator, Bill Schwerd,
Inducted into the NYS Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame

Bill Schwerd, New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator, was inducted into the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame, on April 25, 2009 at the NYSOHOF Annual Installation Banquet held in Canastota, NY.  Bill was presented this most distinguished award by NYS 4-H Shooting Sports key volunteer Mickey Elliott, who was inducted into the NYSOHOF in 2008...>continued/photos




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